(2018) 15′

A YouTuber and her partner are planning to direct the raping of a girl by two black guys. Their goal is to get more subscribers on their YouTube channel. However, on the day of the shooting things don’t go as planned.

Starring: Lena Kitsopoulou, Giannis Kotsifas, Chrisothemis Amanatidi, Tuji Sanusi, Nick Wahome Writer – Director: Dimitris Katsimiris Cinematographer – Editor: Vasilis Stavropoulos Assistant Director: Selini Papageorgiou Script: Konstantina Giannothanasi Make up Artist: Elli Kriara Art director: Sofia Arampatzoglou Costumes: Graziella Roussou, Myrsini Georgiadou Sound Recordist: Konstantinos Papadopoulos ΑC: Panos Katsimperis Backstage Photos: Leonidas Panagopoulos Music: As Above So Below, 100chevalier Subtitles: AfterWords Executive Producers: Frau Films, Aris Antivachis Producers: Kiriakos Gikas, Dimitris Katsimiris, Dimitris Sinopoulos, Vasilis Stavropoulos, Yannis Zafiris


Special Award for Media in Competition of Short Movie at the 6th Dea Film Festival 2019 (Alania) | Βest Film and Actress Award at the 3rd Piraeus Film Festival 2019 (Greece) | Best Actress Award at the 8th Micro μ Film Festival 2018 (11 cities) | Best Actress Award 8th Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF 2019 (Greece)

Official Selections

39th Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers Festival 2018 (Skopje) | 40th Brussels Independent Film Festival 2018 (Belgium) | 8th Le Temps Presse Festival 2018 (France) | 41st Drama Film Festival 2018 (Greece) | 24th Athens International Film Festival 2018 (Greece) | 6th Chania International Film Festival 2018 (Greece) | 3rd Minsk International Short Film Festival ‘Kinosmena’ 2018 (Belarus) | 2nd Pendance Film Festival 2019 (Canada) | 11th Larissa International Film Festival 2019 (Greece) | 7th Ploiesti International Film Festival 2018 (Romania) | 2nd Inshort Film Festival 2018 (Nigeria) | 3rd 21 Islands International Short Film Festival (NYC) | 3rd i.P.A.S. Film Festival 2019 (Greece) | 9th Balkan Film Food Festival (Albania) 2019 | Paleochora Lost World Short Film Festival 2019 (Greece) | 9th edition of FIGARI FILM FEST 2019 (Italy) | 4th Realtime International Film Festival RTF 2019 (Nigeria) | Cinergo International Film Festival 2019 (Greece) | 4th Boston Short Festival 2019 (US) | 2nd Little Islands Film Festival 2019 (Greece) | 14th Asto International Film Festival 2019 (Greece) |