(2016) 13′

Marios, a young man with cerebral palsy, is waiting for his uncle, with his mother at home, to celebrate together his 22nd birthday. But the arrival of his uncle, with his new girlfriend, will upset the family and create a suffocating atmosphere in the place. 

Starring: Arietta Moutousi, Ilias Valasis, Chrisothemis Amanatidi, Thomas Chavianidis Writer – Director: Dimitris Katsimiris Cinematography: Vasilis Stavropoulos Assistant of Director: Dafni Zachariadou, Aggeliki Karagouni Script girl: Maria Michailidi Make up Artist: Anna Louka Music: λΑΜΠΕΡΟύκ Sound: Aris Pavlidis Assistant of Sound: Dimitris Dikmanis Assistant Executive Producer: Aristidis Despotidis Photos Backstage: Dimitris Dikmanis Producer Dimitris Katsimiris

Awards & Nominees

Winner at 10th Beirut Greek Film festival 2017 | Winner at 4th Uno Sguardo Raro International Film Festival 2019 (Italy) | Audience Award at 4th Alexandria Short Film Festival (2018) | Winner at Argo Film Festival of Volos 2017 (Greece) | Winner at Micro μ Festival 2016 (12 Cities) | 2nd BEST FILM PRIZE at 2nd اولادنا Awladna International forum for Arts of the Gifted 2018 (Egypt) | Best Short Film & Best Screenplay at Hollywood Verge Film Awards 2017 | Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Audience Award at Fantastic Film Festival ‘ Vaggelis Kotronis” 2017 (Greece) | Best Actress Award at Athens International Digital Film Festival 2017 (Greece) | Best Actress Award at Piraeus Film Festival 2017 (Greece) | Best Actor Award at Drama International Film Festival 2016 (Greece) | Best Actor Award at Cineframe International Short Film Festival 2016 (India) | Best Actor Award at iChill Manila Film Festival 2016 (Philippines) | Award of Merit (Disability Issues) at Accolade Global Film Competition 2016 | Award of Merit (Disability Issues) at Best Shorts Film Competition 2016 | Best Award ‘We can do’ (Disability issues) at Bridges International Film Festival 2016 (Nafplio) | Honorable Mention Humanitarian Award at Best Shorts Competition 2016 | Honorary Mention for Screenplay at 11th Cyprus International Film Festival 2016 (Pafos) | Audience Award Second Place at Festivart Short Film Night of Loutraki 2017 (Greece) | Nominee Best Drama & Best Cinematography at Hollywood Verge Film Awards 2017 | Nominee Best Actor at Bucharest ShortCut CineFest 2016 (Romania) | Nominee for Humanitarian Award at International LifeArt Global Media Festival 2017 (Greece) | Highly Commended at Symi International Film Festival 2017 (Greece) |

Official Selections

FEST – New Directors 2017 (Portugal) | Canadian Diversity of July Film Festival 2016 (Toronto) | Chandler International of August Film Festival 2016 (Arizona) | 22nd Athens International Film Festival 2016 (Greece) | Kino Smena Festival 2016 (Belarus) | Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2016 (Spain) | European Short Film Festival of Berlin 2016 (Germany) | Audience Awards Social Political Short Film Festival 2016 | Cutting Edge Film Festival 2016 (Pompano Beach, FL) | 14th International Short & Independent Film Festival 2016 (Bangladesh) | 4th Chania Film Festival 2016 (Greece) | ShortPole London International Film Festival 2016 (England) | Marcellus Movie Madness Family Film Festival 2016 (NY) | Kurzfilmfestival-Griechise Woche 2016 (Munich) | Finalist at Thanksgiving IndustryBOOST Competition 2016 | Lecce Film Festival 2017 (Italy) | Best Independents International Filmfestival of Karlsruhe 2017 (Germany) | Pune Independent Film Festival 2017 (India) | Moving Pictures Festival 2016 (Belgium) | Malaysia International Film Festival 2017 | Borrego Springs Film Festival of California 2017 (USA) | International Film Festival of Larissa/Artfools 2017 (Greece) | Hellas Filmbox Berlin 2017 (Germany) | We Care Film Festival of New Delhi 2017 (India) | Festival International du Film d’Aubagne 2017 (France) | 4th Syn Festival Edinburgh 2017 (Scotland) | Association Hellenique de Bretagne 2017 (Rennes) | 10th Annual London Greek Film Festival 2017 (England) | Hellenic Art Festival Timarete 2017 (New York) | 12nd International Film Festival ASTO Patras 2017 (Greece) | AM Egypt Film Festival 2017 | Finalist at Hope Film Awards 2017 | 15th Film Festival Seize the film in Novi Sad 2017 (Serbia) | International Short Film Festival Beveren 2017 (Belgium) | Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival of Austin 2018 (USA) |